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From our offices in Grand Rapids, Miami, Los Angeles, Tulsa, London (Ontario) and Emsworth Hampshire (England) we help retailer’s raise much needed cash!

Lynch Sales Company copyrighted Sale Plans are custom designed to meet your business’ needs and situation. They are strategically designed to achieve at least 30 percent and as much as 100 percent of your store’s annual volume in just 30 selling days. We maintain the reputation and integrity of your business.

We have coordinated thousands of successful Sales, generating crucial cash flow for prominent retailers throughout the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom, including members of the NHFA and more than 200 Ethan Allen stores. The Wall Street Journal has described us as the sales event specialist “that furniture dealers say is reliable.”

• Trade Expansion Sales
• Relocation Sales
• Re-merchandising Sales
• Remodeling Sales
• Inventory Reduction Sales
• Cash Raising Sales
• Retirement Sales
• Business Building Sales
• Consolidation Sales
• Complete Close-Out Sales

A Lynch Sales Company Plan: The Specifics

Upon receipt of our one page contract, we immediately begin preparing for your Lynch Sale. An experienced Lynch Coordinator will arrive seven days prior to the sale date to coordinate all aspects of the event and remain throughout the entire sale. If you desire, we provide additional private label merchandise, to complement your existing inventory. We train your existing sales staff using our copyrighted “Sales Person’s Guide and Selling Techniques” booklet and video, and we provide additional sales specialists and staff who come from backgrounds with quality stores such as yours.

• We plan and write all advertising materials based on your goals.
• We generate tremendous cash flow while building a stronger customer base.
• We furnish our copyrighted, sales-generating direct mail pieces and press releases.
• We obtain additional targeted mailing lists to supplement your existing list.
• We not only maintain a reasonable expense budget, we adjust that budget weekly to keep it affordable.
• We charge a commission based on performance and volume.
• We receive no payments until after the first week of the sale.

Call (800) 824-2238 to receive our Complete Outline or to schedule a free, informational meeting at a time and place convenient for you.

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