Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Quality of Staff.

QUALITY OF STAFF – The Lynch Sales Company uses only top sales professionals in the industry, past store owners and ASID designers; they are an elite force of well-dressed professional sales staff ready to make your sale a complete success. Many other companies will bring you a staff of non-professional and inexperienced sales people with … Continue reading

Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Honesty & Integrity.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY – Many retailers are led to believe that a liquidator would buy their inventory for close to what it was worth.  In reality, you may find that inventory sale margins will be very low. They will value your inventory “A” and “B” paying out very low margins on what they decide is … Continue reading

Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Our Contract.

CONTRACT – Our Company uses a one-page contract versus our competition’s contracts that often exceed 12 pages.

Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Control of your business.

CONTROL – When you hire anyone but the Lynch Sales Company, you are basically turning control of your company, and more importantly your reputation, over to a stranger.  Many times you will find a new lock on your door – your business is no longer yours. Watch for more tips to consider when choosing a … Continue reading

Liquidator or Lynch Sales?

“I have had the direct experience of working with the Lynch Sales Company and hiring another well known liquidator. I thought everyone worked the same. Nothing could be further from the truth! When you hire anyone but Lynch, you don’t realize until it is too late that you are losing control of your company and … Continue reading


Tough decisions call for leaders who seize the moment of uncommon business opportunities.  However, EVERY opportunity has a potential of boundless success, along with challenges and hurdles.  The major challenge/hurdle currently facing the furniture business is the economy, the manufactured imports, and the changing buying habits of customers. What is your Opportunity?  Just ask Joe … Continue reading