Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Control of your business.

CONTROL – When you hire anyone but the Lynch Sales Company, you are basically turning control of your company, and more importantly your reputation, over to a stranger.  Many times you will find a new lock on your door – your business is no longer yours.

Watch for more tips to consider when choosing a Sales Promotion company.

One Response to “Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Control of your business.”
  1. Chris Lynch says:

    I just saw an advertisement obviously produced “in-house” and sent out by one of our competitors. It contained mis-spellings, typos, was way too wordy and appeared to have been written by someone who could use a refresher course in grammar. That is the problem, folks. Why hire someone to “help you stay in business” or handle the most important Sale of your entire career when they can’t even put a concise sentence together? Remember, these liquidators will run your Sale for as long as they can, averaging six months. That’s way too long, but they call it gainful employment because there is not much else going on for them. Six months, day in and day out, with the liquidator and his band of gypsies appearing at your doorstep and making your life difficult instead of focusing on having a clean, successful Sale. A Lynch Sale takes about thirty days and the people we employ are first class. You will be proud to have them in your store and in your community.

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