Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Honesty & Integrity.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY – Many retailers are led to believe that a liquidator would buy their inventory for close to what it was worth.  In reality, you may find that inventory sale margins will be very low. They will value your inventory “A” and “B” paying out very low margins on what they decide is “B” inventory, and this is not always disclosed to you in advance. Also, be aware of liquidators who have been known to unethically inflate retail prices instead of marking down.

One Response to “Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Honesty & Integrity.”
  1. Chris Lynch says:

    The “Golden Rule” applies here. We treat our clients the way we like to be treated. Fairly, and with respect! Most liquidator’s use your store to sell THEIR merchandise. The merchandise we furnish is selected by you and you own it completely. Others will generate a lot of volume, but it will flow into their account, not yours. Then, they will deduct all expenses, which they control, before splitting the profits with you. Furthermore, they will tell you anything to get your business. Shocking! Fortunately, you have a choice: The Lynch Sales Company was described favorably by the WALL STREET JOURNAL as the “firm that dealers say is reliable.” Article available upon request.

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