United Kingdom division head offers his perspective on 2012.

When furniture dealers review their spending plans for 2012, inevitably the marketing budget will be singled out for special scrutiny. Yet it is well documented that those businesses that increase advertising during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return-on-investment at lower cost than during good economic times. They also emerge stronger and in better shape to benefit from the recovery than those who just “battened down the hatches”.

Financial pressure can also lead the retailer to put on hold essential improvements to their store or to refrain from updating their ranges. The outcome of this “economy” may be that those customers that do visit the store fail to find the products they are looking for or are not inspired by what they see on display.

So how do retailers raise their profile, keep their stores fresh and stocked with the right mix of products when budgets are tight?  The Lynch Sales Company is dedicated to helping retailers get the most out of their promotions. In fact, a Lynch Re-Merchandising Sale or Refurbishment Sale will produce 30-50% of annual sales volume in just 30 days; driving new and existing customers to the business, clearing redundant stock and releasing capital to improve presentation or even expand the business.

The Lynch Sales Company began the concept of high-impact sales back in 1914, and continues to develop sale plans and original strategies designed to help the retailer accomplish their business objectives.  In addition, the Lynch Sales Company employs highly-skilled and experienced coordinators (trained by Lynch) to implement their programs.

Written by Gareth Price, United Kingdom & Ireland Division Manager.

One Response to “United Kingdom division head offers his perspective on 2012.”
  1. Chris Lynch says:

    To schedule a meeting in the United Kingdom, Scotland or Ireland, without any cost or obligation, call Gareth Price: (0) 1243 378369. Find out how your store can benefit from American marketing techniques, which have been described as the absolute best throughout the world.

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