Hire the Lynch Sales Company!

Lynch Sales Company has been helping retailers run successful sales events for over 98 years. Check out the video in this post to see what Lynch Sales Company can do for you.

One Response to “Hire the Lynch Sales Company!”
  1. Chris Lynch says:

    Let’s talk about being number one: In Furniture Today you will see the following claims in our competitors ads; Deere Park is “recognized as the best in the industry.” D.M. Reid is “the number 1 Furniture Promotion Company in North America.” Wahlquist Management is “the Nation’s (sic) leading home furnishings promotion and liquidation firm.” And, lastly, PFP is ” # 1 in high impact events,” and “the industry leader.” Whew! That’s a lot of hot air.

    Who conducted the surveys that named all these companies number one? If they were truly number one at anything would they have to say it publicly? Maybe they are number one…but only in their own minds!

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