Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Written Guarantee.

WRITTEN GUARANTEE – A complete scam. Ask the liquidator to post a performance bond that pays if the “guarantee” is not met.

2 Responses to “Not all Sales Promotion companies are created equally: Written Guarantee.”
  1. Chris Lynch says:

    Sears Roebuck had this engraved above the entrance to their store’s. “Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.” Clever. It worked well for them but they did not use that as a gimmick to get people into their store’s. In the liquidation business, some companies offer guarantees on margins. That’s fine, until the time comes, as it does in every Sale Event, to lower the prices. At that point, the retailer has to decide whether to sell the item or leave it on the sales floor to collect dust. That’s when the fun begins. Imagine the discussion you, as a store owner, will be having with the liquidator about this issue. Talk about unpleasant. Why even go there in the first place? The answer is to entice the retailer into signing a contract by using this, and other gimmicks, which takes the focus off the original intent: Having a clean, profitable Sale that you and your customers will feel good about. Don’t take your eye off the ball.

  2. There are no guarantees in life. In fact much of the retail business change the word ‘guarantee’ to ‘warrantee’ for this very reason. We live in an uncertain world filled with many changes and that also includes the buying public…no one can ‘guarantee’ what they will or will not do. The word ‘guarantee’ is a selling ploy filled with empty promises. Let the buyer beware!

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