Commerce without morality has no place in our industry. I cannot, in good conscience recommend any company other than Lynch Sales.

What is the point of this statement? Retailers often come to us asking for advice and counsel. Many times we are contacted after their Sale has started with another company, begging us to come to their rescue. Many retailers tear up our competitor’s contracts and ban them from their stores after realizing they were lied to. Lawsuits are common. It’s the nature of their business models….say anything to get the deal!

Not so with Lynch Sales who enjoys an impeccable reputation and has had ZERO lawsuits brought against it. Do your due diligence, people. You will find out very quickly that what I am saying here is fact.

Chris Lynch, CEO Lynch Sales Company

  1. Chris Lynch says:

    Here’s a good one for the records: A former client of Lynch Sales decides to close his last remaining store. He needs money to release special orders placed by his customers. Therefore, he mistakenly thinks he needs the buyout approach, where a liquidator pays him less than his cost inventory investment 50% up front and 50% after the Sale is well underway. Since we don’t buy out a store and send the retailer packing, he went for the other company. Had he hired the Lynch Sales Company, his cash flow would be immense and available, after the first day of our Sale. But, he was told not to worry. He was told a lot of things that did not happen. Anyway, as it turns out, there is a huge lawsuit going on, filed by the State that the store is located in because….are you ready? The liquidator did not pay the sales tax! The former storeowner is liable, in the eyes of the State. The storeowner is not happy and wants to tell his story to anyone contemplating hiring a liquidation specialist. He is one of those people we talk about in the above posting who tore up the liquidators contract and banned him from his store. He should have gone with Lynch! He admits it freely now. Our clients don’t have these problems.

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