PRESS RELEASE – Expanding into Europe and the Middle East.

petrosThe Lynch Sales Company is proud to announce the appointment of Petros Komodikes to the Lynch Sales Company. Petros has many years’ experience as Sales and Operations Manager, driving the sales development for the Polis Xinaris Company in Cyprus. Previously, Petros has worked in foreign exchange markets and in promoting Cypriot interests in the USA.

The Lynch Sales Company continues the tradition begun by its founder in 1914 when Lynch Sales Company originated the concept of promotional sales to generate cash, expand or change location, close stores, remodel stores, or update inventory. Petros will be pivotal in expanding the Lynch Sales Company’s activities in Europe and the Middle East. Petros gained first-hand experience of the Lynch phenomena when the Xinaris Company hired Lynch to clear stock from their Nicosia store prior to restocking with new ranges. The results were incredible.

“The first three days we had no time to eat drink or sit for a moment. Thousands of people came to the store and kept buying and buying like there was no tomorrow.”
Polis Xinaris, For Polis Xinaris Furniture Ltd. 2nd April 2012.

Lynch Sales Company’s copyrighted Sale Plans are strategically designed to achieve 20 to 30 percent of a
store’s annual volume in just 30 selling days. Through these Sale Plans, Lynch helps clients throughout the
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, and now Cyprus generate unparalleled in-store
traffic and millions in sales.

Lynch has worked with some of the US’s and the UK’s finest retailers including: House of Fraser, Fishpools,
Aldiss, Lenleys, Stollers, hundreds of independently-owned authorized Ethan Allen, Thomasville, Drexel
Heritage and Stickley retailers across the US, to help them achieve their business objectives; be that to clear
redundant stock, reposition a store, consolidate or refurbish. Lynch has a plan that will help take your
business where ever you want it to go.

For further details contact:

Petros Komodikes
11 Anthemiou Street, Apt. 23
Strovolos, 2051
Nicosia Cyprus

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