Read what our clients have to say about our company.

“Quality Furniture For Less”
West Frankfort, IL

December 28, 2013

Judson and Christopher Lynch
Lynch Sales Company
Grand Rapids, MI


After deciding to close our over 33-year old furniture store and retire, we researched carefully the companies that might assist us in such an important process. We eventually chose Lynch Sales Company. Our decision proved to be a good one.

From the beginning, the Lynch Company listened to our questions, concerns, and objectives and understood completely our desire to have a dignified and successful conclusion to our store’s operation. The thorough planning included details too numerous to mention that were vital to the conduct of our GOB event.

The marketing plans were clear and effective. The response was tremendous (we had 987 people through the door the first day). We were provided with accurate and complete breakdowns every step of the way. We stayed below budget on our advertising expenditures while meeting the sales objectives we had set out in the planning phase of the sale.

The additional sales staff provided by Lynch were professional, accomplished and immediately fit in with our southern Illinois customers. They were delightful to work with and always energetic and focused.

Finally, our Director, Joe Connolly, was outstanding. His experience, knowledge and focus proved to be the key to our very successful sale. Joe kept everyone on task and coordinated all aspects of the sale from start to finish while making sure to keep our concerns and input in mind. He frequently consulted with us along every step of the journey.

Deciding to close a business that is your life’s work is a daunting and difficult process. Lynch brought that decision to a successful and satisfying execution and conclusion.


Brent Coleman and Steve Rhoads


One Response to “Read what our clients have to say about our company.”
  1. Chris Lynch says:

    It is important to note that at the Lynch Sales Company, we publish the dates that our client testimonial letters were written. Our letters are current, seldom or never more than 2 years old. We do not rest on our past success, but rely upon our current and up-to-date success stories. Our Sales Plan has weathered wars, recessions, depressions, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes….yet we persevere! We have seen just about everything there is to deal with when having a storewide Sale. There are dozens of intangibles that we bring to the table, buttons that need to be pushed and timing that needs to be executed at the right moment. Nobody has the experience to make these decisions like the 100 year old Lynch Sales Company! Don’t go it alone.

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