Our Clients Say It Best!

Carolina Furniture Testimonial

January 22, 2014
Mr. Jud Lynch
Mr. Chris Lynch
161 Ottawa Ave. NW, Suite 300F
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


We recently finished our GREAT $4 MILLION DOLLAR TOTAL FURNITURE SELL-OFF. We wanted
to take a minute to say thanks for a job well done.

Before the sale started, we discussed four things that we wanted to focus on during the sale.
1) Increase our sales volume. 2) Clean up our old inventory so we could update our 3 showrooms.
3) Bring awareness and new traffic into our new Williamsville store. 4) Eliminate another competitor
from the greater Buffalo trading area.

Although we fell a little short on our projected sales volume, we are happy to say the other 3
objectives were accomplished. We just received word that a competitor, that has been a thorn in
our side, will soon be closing. The amount of business your sale took away from our competition
during this sale probably helped.

We want to say thanks to our sale coordinators, Jim Schwark and Warren Channel, for their
contribution in helping Carolina Furniture end the year on a very positive note.

We recently sent a referral from another member of our buying group into your office.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Dale Bielicki                                      Tom Worthington

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