A Symphony In Sales

BEETHOVEN? Not quite… but we are very good at conducting storewide Sale Events.

Cabinet Maker blog

It’s fair to say that the mark of true greatness is the ability for something to stand the test of time. Take for example Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’, a piece of music which remains as powerful today as it did when first completed in 1824. After nearly two centuries it continues to rouse human emotion and amaze audiences worldwide.

True greatness is, however, a rare quality to attain in any field, least of all in the retail sector, but if one business can genuinely lay claim to such an accolade then it would have to be the Lynch Sales Company.

Much like the aforementioned Ludwig Van Beethoven, the company’s founder, Joseph P. Lynch created something that today, 100-years on, also continues to rouse emotion in consumers and amaze people worldwide; the promotional sales event.

Promotional sales have, of course, become such a significant aspect of furniture retail that many of…

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