Preparations are being made for La-Z-Boy Chattanooga’s Great $2,000,000 Furniture Sell-Off & Remodeling Sale!

Veteran salesman, Nick, arrives from Lexington, KY to lend his expertise at the Great Remodeling Sale in Chattanooga! — at La-Z-Boy of Chattanooga Susan, Bonnie & Vickie take a massage break during the Great $2 Million Remodeling Sale at La-Z-Boy Chattanooga! — at La-Z-Boy of Chattanooga Bob Tallant, Jim Schwark and Chris Lynch wait for … Continue reading

Ethan Allen Kelowna’s Successful Sale-of-the-Century!

“Myself and my team are truly thankful for all of Don & Carol’s assistance and contributions to our successful sales event! We wish both Lynch Company & Don and Carol the best ongoing success in their specialized sale events.” Zander Cook • Ethan Allen Kelowna April 5th, 2014

Another Successful Lynch Sale-of-the-Century!

Another Satisfied Lynch Client!