“it has been the best, most professional and profitable of them all.”

Callicoms UK Eblast July 2014

“This is the fifth time in our history that we have run this type of sale and I can honestly say that it has been the best, most professional and profitable of them all.”

Edward Dark • Managing Director • Challicom & Company Limited • 30th June 2014

When Edward Dark made the decision to retire from business, he knew he had one chance to maximise his return. Although he had previously used a “look-alike” company to run his high impact sales events, he did some research with his retail colleagues, and chose to use Lynch when it came to the most important event of his career.

For 100 years the Lynch Sales Company has been at the forefront of sales promotion for retailers. Today, Lynch continues that tradition; leading the way by developing innovative programs, fresh ideas, and new channels of marketing with integrity and the highest calibre coordinators. That is why 63% of our clients had hired us previously in 2013, and this year, already 25% of our business has come from clients who had previously tried our main competitor.

To find out more, simply following the link and complete the on line enquiry form or call me to discuss your needs in complete confidence.

Yours sincerely,

Gareth Price

P.S. Visit our website and complete the form on-line for a complete outline of our legendary Sale Plans, and receive a special, limited edition centennial commemorative as our gift to you.

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