Throwback Thursday: Hire the best! Hire Lynch!

Throwback Thursday: No other sales promotion company can claim a history as long or as rich as the Lynch Sales Company can. These clients trusted us more than 80 years ago. Now, as then, we continue to provide our clients with impeccable service and 100 years of experience. Hire the best. Hire Lynch!

JP Lynch Retailers 1

Thompson, Belden & Co., Omaha, completely liquidate for cash in twenty days.

This large department store completely liquidated their stocks for spot cash in 20 selling days with a direct appeal to the “best” people in the community.

Mr. H. M. Hundley, of Thompson, Belden & Co. states: “The results were good-the men conducting this sale were of splendid character-and their methods high class and effective. I feel I can recommend the Joseph P. Lynch Sales Company as being very satisfactory people with whom to do business.”


JP Lynch Retailers 2

John Meckes Sons Co. of Cleveland Find Joseph P. Lynch plan successful.

This department store found that the Joseph P. Lynch plan enabled them to turn their merchandise into cash with practically no sacrifice of profit.

$69,395.00 worth of merchandise was sold by this organization during a short selling period of 20 days, with an opening day of $17,549.42. These figures speak for themselves.

This organization admitted that the Joseph P. Lynch method did things for them which they had been unable to do themselves.


JP Lynch Retailers 3

B. G. Latimer & Sons Co., Brooklyn, N.Y. benefit from a Joseph P. Lynch Sale.

Figures at the end of each day, and the total for the month, were so far in excess of the usual, that Latimer & Sons Co. considered the sale handled for them under the Joseph P. Lynch plan as a unique accomplishment.

The scientific merchandising methods used by Joseph P. Lynch sales engineers are applicable and effective in stores of any
size, regardless of location.


JP Lynch Retailers 4

Dully Freeman Furniture Company, Atlanta hold Successful Sale.

The volume for Duffy Freeman, during a 10-day Joseph P. Lynch special sale, showed an increase of approximately 200% over
the 10 days previously. They expressed themselves as being well pleased with these results, and stated that the Joseph P. Lynch Sales Company had taught them things about furniture retail merchandising which would be invaluable to them in the future.

Any retail organization can profit through the ideas gained during a Joseph P. Lynch selling campaign.

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