“Thank you Team Lynch for a great job!”

EA Tulsa Rcmnd Letter

Dear Lynch Family,
When you hold a re-merchandising sale it is a little unsettling. There are a lot of
moving parts to insure the sale is successful. You want it to go smoothly, keep
your local brand presence untainted yet create a large sale volume in a short

After specific conversations with other Ethan Allen dealers, our family decided to
engage Lynch Sales Company to handle our sale rather than doing it ourselves.

Glad we did!

Your people handled all the details quickly and efficiently. Our thanks to
everyone-Dick Dickason who set the wheels in motion; your home office who
replied promptly with the material needs; and the icing on the cake-your sales
manager, Michael Biggiam, who brought everything together, especially smooth
cooperation between our designers and his special team of Phyllis, Manny, Janice
and Sandy for a successful twenty-four selling days.

We have now reset our floor with the Next Classics from Ethan Allen. Bright,
fresh merchandise that makes our store sparkle even more.

Thank you Team Lynch for a great job!

Bill, Judy & Amy

The Castleberry Family

“Best of fortune to you in 2015! Thanks again – we appreciate you.”

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