“I would recommend the Lynch Sales Company over any and all others. They are the BEST!”

Great Deals Testimonial

November 30, 2014

Mr. Jud Lynch
Mr. Chris Lynch
161 Ottawa Ave. NW, Suite 300F
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


We ran a 9-week Store Closing-Moving Event in October-November of 2014 and we would like
to say “Thank You!” We had an awesome sale, even though it was right before the mid-term
elections and TV advertising was very limited and very expensive.

We chose the Lynch Sales Company because of recommendations from other members of our
buying group, Furniture First and the reputation the Lynch Sales Company has in our industry.

We could not have been any happier about how our event turned out. The tremendous team that
Lynch put together to help us make our sale a success was outstanding. The Lynch team took
care of everything: from additional merchandise, signage, extra sales staff, advertising copy and
on site management of the event.

The expert team of Joe Connolly and Tim Finnigan provided outstanding leadership to our staff
and helped guide us through the biggest sale in our store’s history, while providing
encouragement, inspiration and even comfort for those of our staff who were inexperienced with
high volume sales events.

By the time our event was over, we had reached our goals, stayed in budget and made new life
long friends with the Lynch Sales Company.

I would recommend the Lynch Sales Company over any and all others. They are the BEST!

Thank you so much for all your help,

Eddie & Carol Kennedy
Great Deals on Furniture

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