Repeat client INTERIORS tells us why they use the Lynch Sales Company.


Interiors 2014 TestimonialJud Lynch

Lynch Sales Company


January 2015


Dear Jud,

As you are well aware, this is the fifth time we have used Lynch Sales Company to conduct a sales event for our store.

Many have asked, “After four times of using Lynch, why don’t you just do the sale yourself?”

My answer is this: Lynch Sales is a company that conducts events like this all over the country every day of every year. As a result, they are always on the forefront of knowing what is working to make these events successful, and they will bring that expertise to us.

Every time we do a Lynch Sale we learn something new that we can incorporate into our everyday business to help us be just a little better than we were before.

Additionally, the quality, capability, and character of the Sales Conductors (I like to call them “Professional Consultants”) who come in to help lead our sale events are incredible. Joe Connolly and Gordon Zuliani rolled up their sleeves and invested the time and energy to really get to know our team members.   They knew that properly training and motivating our staff was key to achieving the results we all desired.

Thank you, Joe, Gordon and all of the Lynch Team for helping us achieve another successful sale! We look forward to working with you again!



Todd F. Lehman


717-390-2000 ext. 2021


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