A Massive Thank You for Another fantastic Sale!

Aldiss 2015 Crowd

Mr. Gareth Price
UK Divisional Manager
Lynch Sales Company
29 Warblington Road
Emsworth P010 7HE

20th October 2015

Dear Gareth,

Ref: The Great £6 Million Stock Sell Out — (AND IT DID!)

Just a brief note, to say a massive thank you for another fantastic Sale.

I think it’s fair to say that we probably both thought that we couldn’t possibly do it again, just 3 years apart, but WOW! WE did it.

In our world, we achieved sales of over SIX AND A HALF MILLION POUNDS, which was the same as last time.

Once again, your team all excelled – everyone from, the Pocket-Rocket, Mel, the new kid on the block, Mark and the old campaigners Roy and Kevin.

The guys worked tirelessly to organize, motivate and cajole us along, even when mind and bodies were flagging. We learned new things along the way and I’m sure that the next one will be even better.

The Marketing plan and rationale resonated well with the customer base and will have to be just as good when we do it again.

Once again many thanks and warmest regards,


Paul Clifford

Managing Director

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