Throwback Thursday: Lynch Sales Company Advertisement from 1930!

Throwback Thursday: Lynch Sales Company Advertisement from 1930! “Past records show that The Joseph P. Lynch Plan has sold in every case, not less than 10 per cent of the store’s yearly sales volume in 10 days and in many cases far exceeding this amount and this regardless of the size of the store, of … Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Hire the best! Hire Lynch!

Throwback Thursday: No other sales promotion company can claim a history as long or as rich as the Lynch Sales Company can. These clients trusted us more than 80 years ago. Now, as then, we continue to provide our clients with impeccable service and 100 years of experience. Hire the best. Hire Lynch! Thompson, Belden … Continue reading

Don’t run your next high-impact sale yourself, doing so could cost you far more than you’ll save!

Doing so could cost you far more than you’ll save. A high-impact sale event, utilizing the time-proven, copyrighted Lynch sale plan will double the results you can get on your own. Don’t risk your next sale. Choose the leading professional in the sale event industry, the Lynch Sales Company. Contact us for details and receive … Continue reading

Why Lynch is Different

Why Lynch is Different By Chris Dickason • Client Marketing Director • Lynch Sales Company • July 9th, 2014   1. More recent client testimonials than anyone – Many firms in our industry publish the same testimonials they have used for several years without any recent updates or dates on them. We have over 15 published and dated … Continue reading

Let us help you surpass your goals and expectations!

JULY 5*”, 2014 Mr. Judson Lynch Lynch Sales Company 161 Ottawa Ave. Suite 3ooF Grand Rapids, Mi 49503 Dear Judson, As you know I recently hired The Lynch Sales Company to conduct a store closing/moving sale for our store in Grand Rapids MI. Our store, Custom Design Furniture is a very high end furniture retailer … Continue reading

There’s Strength In Our Numbers!

There’s Strength In Our Numbers. 182 Letters From Satisfied Clients in the Last Five Years 150 Clients Who’ve Held Three or More Events With Us 0 Client Lawsuits – Ever 100 Years in Business Contact us for details and receive a special, 100th anniversary commemorative gift. Plus, if you hold a Lynch Sale during 2014 … Continue reading

Let’s make retailing fun again!

Let’s make retailing fun again. Remember the fun of welcoming excited customers to your store? While times may change, one thing stays the same: customers love a sale! After 100 years helping furniture retailers hold high-energy, high-impact sales events, no one is better qualified to help you usher in the good times than the Lynch … Continue reading

Nothing brings a smile to customers’ faces like a Lynch Sale.

Nothing brings a smile to customers’ faces like a Lynch Sale. Maybe you’ve noticed it too: more smiling customers. Seems like the past few years of gloom and doom are beginning to fade and shoppers are looking to release their pent-up demand. While times may change, one thing stays the same: nothing brings a smile … Continue reading

Throwback Thursdays! 1937

Check out this original Lynch Sales Company Advertisement which ran in August of 1937!Now as we celebrate 100 years, Lynch Sales Company continues to run successful sales for retailers all over the United States, Canada, the United kingdom & Europe. Contact us today and receive a special, limited edition 100th anniversary commemorative as our gift. … Continue reading

Another Happy Lynch Client!

Mr Mark Valiant Lynch Sales Company 29 Warblington Road Emsworth PO10 7HE 16th May 2014   Dear Mark A delayed note to say thank you for your great and effective work during our Lynch Refurbishment Sale. We are delighted that we hit our targets, which we thought were ambitious. Given that we do not sell … Continue reading