There’s Strength In Our Numbers!

There’s Strength In Our Numbers. 182 Letters From Satisfied Clients in the Last Five Years 150 Clients Who’ve Held Three or More Events With Us 0 Client Lawsuits – Ever 100 Years in Business Contact us for details and receive a special, 100th anniversary commemorative gift. Plus, if you hold a Lynch Sale during 2014 … Continue reading

Let Lynch help bring the good times back.

Let Lynch help bring the good times back. We’ve been through a few tough years, to be sure. But, if recent activity is any indication, the worst is behind us. Styles may change, but one thing stays the same: customers love a sale. After more than 100 years helping furniture retailers hold high-energy, high-impact sales … Continue reading

Throwback Thursdays! 1937

Check out this original Lynch Sales Company Advertisement which ran in August of 1937!Now as we celebrate 100 years, Lynch Sales Company continues to run successful sales for retailers all over the United States, Canada, the United kingdom & Europe. Contact us today and receive a special, limited edition 100th anniversary commemorative as our gift. … Continue reading

When opportunity knocks, be sure to answer. Sign up for a Lynch Sale today!

When opportunity knocks, be sure to answer. Sign up for a Lynch Sale today!  

The Positives of a High-Impact Promotional Sale

By: Joseph Connolly, President, Lynch Sales Company Introduction by: Chris Lynch, Co-CEO Lynch Sales Company September 4, 2013 Wow!  Business has been great and the customers are pouring in daily like never before! Revenues are through the roof, and my employees NEVER complain. Wonder what and where this store is?  Well, in the real world, … Continue reading

Do Your Research – Your Store Deserves the Very Best.

It is difficult and frustrating to compete with companies in our industry who will say or do anything to entice a retailer to sign their complicated contract. These companies lie, cheat and steal on a regular basis. This is easily documented, but, surprisingly very few retailers take the time to do 30 minutes of research, … Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE – Expanding into Europe and the Middle East.

The Lynch Sales Company is proud to announce the appointment of Petros Komodikes to the Lynch Sales Company. Petros has many years’ experience as Sales and Operations Manager, driving the sales development for the Polis Xinaris Company in Cyprus. Previously, Petros has worked in foreign exchange markets and in promoting Cypriot interests in the USA. … Continue reading