Three Ways To Sell Your Business

Three Ways To Sell Your Business By: Chris Lynch CEO Lynch Sales Company December 15, 2015 There are three ways to sell your retail business, but only one way to do so profitably. Selling to a group of employees or individual investor may preserve some jobs at the local level, but those buyers will not … Continue reading


ETHAN ALLEN INTERIORS PRESS RELEASE BATON ROUGE, LA – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! NOVEMBER lO, 2015   One of the areas most distinguished furniture stores, ETHAN ALLEN INTERIORS, located at 10300 Perkins Road, in Baton Rouge, is emptying their warehouse and placing their entire inventory onto their showroom floor for immediate liquidation. At the conclusion of their Great $500,000 … Continue reading


YESSICK’S HOME FURNISHING CENTER PRESS RELEASE CHATTANOOGA, TN • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! OCTOBER 7, 2015 One of the areas’ most distinguished retail stores, YESSICK’S HOME FURNISHING CENTER, announces the closing of their store, located at 1926 Gunbarrel Road, in Chattanooga. At the conclusion of their Great Retail Store Closing Sale, which begins Friday, November 13th, … Continue reading

McArthur Furniture Press Release

McARTHUR FINE FURNITURE PRESS RELEASE CALGARY & AIRDRIE, ALBERTA • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! OCTOBER 15, 2015 One of the areas’ most distinguished furniture stores, McARTHUR FINE FURNITURE, announces the decision to update their showrooms and restock their sales floors with all new merchandise, located at 67 Glenbrook Place SW, in Calgary and 141 Gateway Drive … Continue reading

Think Big, just don’t over-think!

By: Chris Lynch CEO Lynch Sales Company September 24, 2015 As Daniel Hudson Burnham, American architect and urban planner famously said when helping build Chicago’s mighty and impressive skyline: “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope … Continue reading

TIME FOR ACTION: Lynch Sales’ UK divisional manager, Gareth Price, offers his advice to retailers on how to stay current.

Article originally published in Cabinet Maker, 26 June 2015 Issue How to kick start your own recovery. After a prolonged downturn we learn that consumer confidence is returning to the market, wages are increasing, and household bills reducing. Unemployment is down to 5.5%. This is great news, but what if the promised up turn has not yet reached your door? Our response would be don’t … Continue reading

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

May 7th, 2015 Lynch Sales Company 161 Ottawa Avenue NW Suite 300F Grand Rapids, MI 49503 To whom it may concern, I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Robert Putt with the Lynch Sales Co. I have known Robert for over twenty years and have done lengthy business transactions with him on two occasions. … Continue reading

Chris Lynch to acquire full ownership of Lynch Sales

Chris Lynch to acquire full ownership of Lynch Sales Jud Lynch retires from executive role Clint Engel — Furniture Today, April 27, 2015 CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Chris Lynch has signed a deal to acquire full interest in furniture sales promotion specialist Lynch Sales. Lynch has been a 50-50 partner in the business with his brother Jud … Continue reading

“You certainly have the right formula, or better still the winning touch.”

“I owe you and Lynch Sales a huge thank you not only for the recent two events but for all the hard work over the last year. As you know I was somewhat sceptical at the very beginning but ended up as one of your biggest fans. You certainly have the right formula, or better … Continue reading

The sale exceeded our expectations in every way!

“The sale exceeded our expectations in every way. We not only reached our sales projections, but also exceeded them with an ad budget of 5%! What was so impressive was that we were able to hit our sales projection within the first 2 weeks of our event! Even more impressive was that you produced an … Continue reading